Sunday, July 29, 2007

Rainy Day In NYC

I feel more and more expectations from other people being placed on me and though I am pretty good on not taking them on the pressure has seemed to intensify. It makes me realize that I don't want to do that to anybody. Amma came to NYC a couple of weeks ago and it was a beautiful and spiritual majestic time and though alot of people came most people choose to miss out on the experience of a blessing from a saint. I still think most New Yorkers think they might melt in the rain. I love it when it rains and I think that I kind of miss Spain. I became Te'DeVan in Barcelona and there has been no looking back since that point. I recently listened to a Beatles cover band at BB kings with some friends. I feel like mentioning small details because the other things are hard to articulate, but I can certainly feel things waking up inside of me like a sleeping dog when the thunder sounds. I am starting to settle into a place for the first time in 6 years. The Dharma Pad is born and in another week I look forward to seeing you guys come and visit. We all need to keep following our dreams and being what we desire and surrender things over to a higher force. We have to have trust and faith that things will work themselves out. I have been around the Chelesa area of NYC which I had predicted to a friend of mine a couple of weeks back and circumstances I have pulled me out here more often. I have a cookies addiction especially Uncle Eddies Vegan cookies. The Presidential campaign has picked up a few notches and more components to the project are coming together.
All of us are finding our way thru the storm and there will be a rainbow and it exists here and now you just have to open up your third eye. Open up your third eye and cut the ties to the mundane and do your sundance and raindance and you will find God's romance.

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Anonymous said...

TDV- Thanks for sharing your wisdom and your heart. Your words entering my soul are a dagger to my destructive ego. You remind us all what is truly important and truly what is not. You are most gracious with your gifts, and for that, I am most grateful!

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