Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Don't take the silence personally

Sometimes I don't want to talk about the weather or how my day is going and I don't want to have insipid conversations focused on some sort of mental masturbation. Okay maybe that is a bit harsh, but I just don't want to talk I just want to be there in silence and listen to the nothingness that is everything. I don't want to join your religion remember I already have my own (no not judiasm) just my own religion and I don't want anyone to join. New York brings out my edge. There is this one guy in NYC that is exremely angry man who keeps yelling at me and threatening to fight me and has once thrown a glass bottle at me. He basically calls everyone a racist and does not want to hear any information that might indicate that you are not a racist. New York is full of the most wonderful and heinous people though the extremes are not quite as intense as India. I am falling in some sort of love/lust/liking with a girl twice a day on a slow day. The amount people interactions I have here sends me to a point where I merely desire not to talk anymore. Furthermore I am obcessed with the song "Don't You forget about me" (what narcissitic person is not?). I don't want to be a holy man I just want to be like Andy Dufrane whose colors were too bright to be held in any sort of constraints. The pain gets deeper and either you surrender or suffer, and if you surrender then you won't suffer and if you suffer then you haven't surrendered. Surrender to some unknown force or spend at least half of your time worrying about things beyond your control. Lets be more vain what do you think and lets pretend like we care about Paris Hilton and her prison time. Forget about Darfur and just call my name and lets help Lindsay Lohan and Brittany spears find a musketeer AA meeting. Lets all become friends of Bill and let's make Bill the 1st man this way he can have more time to have more sexual exploits. Okay maybe this writing is tinged with a little edge, but it was something that has to come to the surface so that it can be released. Don't pretend not to be pissed when you are putting your fist thru the wall. Less talking and more being less talking and more being.

Prince has nothing on me and I will write even crazier lyrics. Much love to my friend Simeon and may all my friends go on to fuck or make love to their celebrity of choice and then we can all read about it in the New York Post. Tell me more about amazing eccentric wonderful people in Kansas and Alabama and less about Hollywood. And lets leave Brad and Angelina alone. By the way Tom Petty is teaching me how to fly so fucking high thru TM meditation. Lets all be yoga buddhists swimming in the clean part of the Hudson river. Hey Jenna Rae what a great dam name and may the dance last all summer long.

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