Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Now more then ever these words have been ringing strongly in my head. There was yesterday and there will be tomorrow, but only this moment that I am in right now offers me the power to surrender to the change that my soul desires to experience. To rid myself of my ego and identity and to realize that I am merely attached to a whole bunch of things that ultimately holding me back from knowing the infinite love that we are all capable of experience. I went to the beach and all sorts of realizations became clear to me. I am addicted and though it may not be to drugs or sex ultimately I still have addictions that desire to be fed so that I will repeat the same patterns and not realize the oneness that we all are. Cheating anyone merely means to cheat yourself and don't waste your energy being angry with someone about the choices they have made. You can only make your choices and be at peace with whatever those choices maybe. I forget my true self and when I do I end up clinging on to things that have already served their purpose. I hold myself back because I am scared to jump forward. All of us will move forward because that is the nature of life. Someone recently has asked me to play Bhagavan Dass the 6 foot 7 inch tall guy from Be Here Now and Are You Here Now. I found it fitting and humorous and the writer/director happened to have graduated from U of M which also made me smile. I met him at Amma also know as the "hugging saint". This woman really figured it out and just let herself become the love that is the foundation of all living things. We can all be hugging saints once we just allow ourselves to be here now.


Patrick from Reed said...

So I'm always curious as to where you are and I want to invite you to this service that lets you keep track of your friends and where theyre traveling, but your email is hard to get ahold of. Hit me! finkp (at)

Anonymous said...

randy from sf said...

amen. i was at the beach yesterday as well. and all of those things ive always known as truth floated back out to me, as they always do, when i allow myself to become still. i miss you man. glad to hear your doing well.

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