Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Faster Things Move....

I just want to slow my mind down and just completely allow myself to be and not allow myself to identify with the currents of change that take place on the surface. I want to immerse myself in the joy of stillness and not allow myself to be overwhelmed by all the developments that seem to be transpiring so rapidly. Even if we are to achieve all of our goals this does not ensure our happiness or that we will find a deeper lasting peace. I find myself being threatened by so much change taking place. Many things that I have come to identify myself with are no longer true and I am starting new chapters in my life. I am being the change more often and this makes my ego feel threatened. Often after my most profound moments I find myself reverting to previous behaviors that do not actually benefit. It could be something as simple as eating too many cookies. There is a subtle sense of feat that I am experiencing and I am trying to escape from it by taking comfort in cookies, but there is no comfort to be found. Many of my dreams are manifesting into reality and this makes me very excited and nervous. I am focusing more deeply on love because love is all we need is more then just a song it is one of the greatest truths that exist. I am here to help people find a greater peace not to increase my identity.

I want to send out my love to all of my amazing friends that I have not spoken to in quite sometime. I want to write about love that changes all of us because if one of us undergoes a profound change then all of us undergo a profound change. The change is to have a deeper realization.


Christopher said...

"Fill what is empty, empty what is full."

Heard that the other day.

peace and hairgrease

MINNEY said...

I haven't read your blog in 2 months unfortunately, but today was impeccable timing once again. Thank you.

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