Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Not Forgiving Yourself isn't helping anyone

So often along the way on the journey we make mistakes and sometimes they are bigger mistakes and they may have consequences but not forgiving ourselves is not helping anyone. It is not helping the person or people that were hurt nor is it helping us. Holding on to past mistakes is not beneficial. Yes being more consciousness and learning from those mistakes can be of great benefit, but don't keep beating yourself up over the past. Otherwise we miss the present moment to make good choices that we can feel proud about. Every choice we makes good or bad leads us to where we are in this moment. We have to realize that this very moment there is an opportunity to do something that we can be proud about and that can benefit others and potentially the people we may have hurt directly or indirectly. The journey towards the infinite is not the easiest, but can be very rewarding... May we all open up to what this moment has to offer and be of service to a complete stranger. The more service I do the lighter I start to feel.


Tony said...

I agree... I have in my past and in the now held onto things that did not help my relationships with the people that love and care for.

You are correct in regards to forgiving ourselves before we can move on. I am happy that I recently in my life paid more attention to what I need, which has allowed me to care and be for honest with other.


Tony said...

Thanks for writing, I will read more of your writings, quotes, & opinions.

- I'm Tony! :) cheers!

Anonymous said...

Yo Tedevan this is Mordechai, I gave you a ride in Austin this one time, connected to you through Leah and Tyler in SF. I'm in Madison Wi now and if you're ever around feel free to get in touch.

Man I feel sort of constrained and so rebellious against obligations and I feel inspired by your decision to do your own thing.

Anonymous said...

I am literally in love with your blog. Thanks so much for making a positive impact on my life. I am hooked.

Anonymous said...

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