Friday, July 28, 2006

Dance Dance Dance

I love to dance and when I do people flip out and then I flip out more and I nobody expects me to talk while I am dancing. It is so simple it is movements made inspired by music that you are enjoying. It is wonderful to express who you are thru your movements and then people learn more about then they would of having an hour of typical conversation. Dancing personifies being and is something that so many people claim that can't do. I have yet to meet a three year old who can't dance. Stop censoring yourself from expressing yourself especially when you are joyful. Life is a dance that never begins or ends.

I want you to dance wherever and whenever the inspiration strikes. I want you to stop taking things entirely too seriously to the point that you can't seem to enjoy anything. Let it all out and twist and shout and twist and shout and stop whining about a lack of dance skills. It is not a dance off it is about being and feeling aliving and encouraging others to do the same.

Remember all she wants to do is dance dance and that is all I want to do as well.


Anonymous said...

dude, coolest hipster is up:

da rat said...

thats the truth

Reverend Steve said...

Think back to all the amazing dancers at 720. We had Johnny Ghosh with his infamous "BBG in Japan" dance. (Which makes it ironic that he's been stationed in Japan for the next few years.) We also had Danny Z, the Lord of the Dance. I think James did a pretty mean "robot." And there was, of course, the day I moved in when you were dancing on the roof. Somebody asked me, "is he drunk?" My reply, "I hope not... that's a long way to fall."

Te'DeVan said...

720 Will be broughten back from the dead. On the campaign trail we will shall return and try to ressurect the Naked Mile. Its about tradition and American values. We did have a dancing posse there and Ghosh in Japan I can only imagine. A sortage of big boobs there he must be going insane.

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