Sunday, August 06, 2006

Someone In Iran Inspired This One

Recently I was looking thru the ticker on my blog which tells me where people are reading my blog from and I was shocked an estatic to see that someone from Iran was looking at my blog. I could only begin to imagine who that would be and I just want you to know I hope to do something about changing the foreign policies of this country and move them more in the direction of peace.

I am just wanderer in country where people can't seem to let themselves wander just because they desire to wander. Not all who wander are aimless is the famous quote and not all who are aimless wander. Some of them seem content not to explore, but I desire to explore and remember my many lives past. Recently I have not been fired up to write, but knowing that was reaching someone all the way in Iran made me realize the one amazing benefit of something like the internet.

I am currently in Chicago and the only somewhat certain plans I have is to make it to Burning Man and meet some amazing adventurers and people that tip the scales. This revolution starts deep inside of our core and continues to spread as we all ourselves to pause our minds and increase our awareness. I am aware of you and you are now aware of me. I want peace and I will find inside of myself and make it thru all the doubt and fear to get there because the peace has to come from within if it is to be lasting.

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Paris Marashi said...

Hey Te'Devan. Greetings from Iran. How are you?! I hope you are having a lovely summer. Check out my video-blog here

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