Sunday, August 20, 2006

A little Something

Somehow in life we are inspired by people that we never knew or met or are inspired by people we never even existed. I just get out there becasue it is the only thing that makes sense to me. I won't let anyone especially myself box me into what I have to do or where I have to be. I have a cosmic wave that I am riding and with that wave comes change and change is the basis of life. Of course you probably know this now live it. All things change so that new things can come about. I am currently in Boulder Colorado listening to Radiohead and taking a moment to just write.

It does not matter what you write about as long as you mean what you say in that moment of course moments change and people are nervous about their next move when everything is in doubt. I get pulled to places and people and I arrive at moment just before major change. I learn from each encounter. I have found a peace inside of myself in every place that I venture to and something there for me to realize. There is a waking up taking place and it will change everything that we know even now. This change is taking place and we are all part of this massive change. We are all maigcal if we open ourselves up and not try to shut down and numb ourselves. It is okay to cry and be sad these are emotions that have to be processed, There is nothing wrong with being scared, but you just push forward and follow your intution. Either play it safe or go all out don't just sit in the middle.

I want to reach out and grab everyone of you and know that all encounters help us to become more aware if we allow ourselves to experience this awareness. We are all rolling stones and thru that movement we create networks of energy that bring about a new way. The old model wiill not work so start creating new ones. We can not sustain ourselves unless we start to inwardly reflect and slow down. A little something is all we need to change everything. A little something exists inside of us and does not need to be sought externally.


Reverend Steve said...

Werd up!

fare_vahine said...

thank you

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