Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Give Me A Prophecy

And I'll give you a prophet. It happened and you know it; stop kidding yourself there is a reason that you can't sleep. You woke up and with it we all woke up. It was your dream and then you became a part of the dream. Miracle pranksters, here we come because we were born for a prophecy just like we were told, but they twisted it and now in the moment of clarity it has become untwisted and we all just pause.

Sure I go to extremes and somewhere in between I find a balance and free falling that Tom Petty would envy. Into the great wide open there is a truth and you need to stare it straight in the face and laugh, cry, scream, and just stop. Fuck and forget what they said because they said it out of fear. Dream bigger then anyone accepts as plausible and never stop being that dream. We are all wanderers even if we seem not to leave our towns, villages, or cities very often. Every night I see all of you on a realm where we construct this very world that begs to bring forth a beauty that makes us stop.

We all run so fast, spinning wheels and getting nowhere because we were always there. Accept the new eyes being offered and perecieve this world for all the amazing things that it offers. View as it alien here on a temporary adventure/vacation and you will never grow tired of anything.

Get on the bus, boat, plane or car and let's charter a new course. Let's send this game into overtime and let's all nail that shot, the one that is impossible; accept that we nail it all the time in our dreams and this is our dream. We stop and drop into the river and ocean and go with this current but see everything pass us by as we remain in a state of serenity.

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