Thursday, August 24, 2006

Its ALL Happening

Anyone out there feeling the earth shifting? because I swear we are in the midst of swing that I can't even begin to get at in words. I feel my ability to heal and sense things before they happen is becoming much stronger. As any one of us evolves it makes easier for other people to do the same. The rolling ball of evolution was dropped a long time ago and now we are approaching critical mass. More and more I find myself nsync with things going on around me. I am resisting less and less and it is helping me fly further and further. Your awakening is also my awakening and soon many of us will come together in ways unimagined and there will be a whole lot of shaking going on.

Recently I have noticed more and more people from foreign countries are reading this blog and I realize that what I am saying is getting out into the world. Even if it causes just the smallest glimpse of inward introspection it means that we as species are getting closer to realizing a more peaceful existence. I am not an astrologer, but I can feel a shift similar to the feeling when you realize that the team that is up by 20 points is going to end up losing the game. THe tide is turning and I see a fleet of vegetable oil buses going around this country and bringing about rapid changes. The people are ready to grow and nothing can stand in their way.

I will be everywhere and anywhere spreading this message of our interconnectedness, but it is something that must be internalized not intellectualized in order for lasting change to form. Take a moment right now and do something that makes you more aware of something around you that you had previously never given thought to. Think of the process involved in making your computer work or turning your light on. These are all things that are very intricate and by themselves seem to accomplish very little until the moment the light comes on. The light is about to come on my friends and once it comes on it can never be turned off in any way shape or form.

I send my love to all of you who are reading this and using this to become more enmeshed in the moment your in. Use your ability to create and just let things unfold accordingly.


fare_vahine said...

i feel it. and i keep telling people: can't you feel it? the trembling? it's like everything is vibrating and something massive, something critical is approaching and i can't believe you don't feel it.

but you explain it better.

so i believe that we all have these powers, right. you know all about it, obviously. latent within us and oppressed by society and ignored for so long that it's hard to get back to something that should be so easy. so natural. but more specifically this healing thing. though maybe, i don't know, maybe it's not actually something everyone can do... but i've been feeling like it's something i can do, or at least something i have the potential to do and i've been feeling this strongly for a while but i expect that it's not going to just happen while i sit back and wait for it to happen, but it's like i don't know where to go about it. but anyway, it's just one of those things that feels different than all those other things that cross paths in my brain. like i didn't come up with it. like it's got it's own tug. and like it will be wasteful if i don't live up to my potential.

i don't know why i tell you this. i suspect you know what to do with this information though. this carefully planned chaos and meaningful interactions.

but i couldn't let the moment pass again.

peace & love. great vibe with the earth.
- al.

Te'DeVan said...

Do not doubt your intution allow it to come thru you. Do your best to keep your mind clear and stay in the moment. Everyone can heal, but certain people's gifts are stronger then others.Regardless intially the healing begins with us and letting go of things that we don't need or that are holding us back.

fare_vahine said...

and that's exactly where i have been feeling that i have to start. because there is a lot of self healing that i still need to get through. but if you were me and knew what was and had been going on in my head all through my life, you would be amazed at the progress you (well, me) had made. i won't bore you or myself or anyone else with the details.

thanks for the advice.

(that's the word verification word that i will have to type in a moment. i just thought it looked cool so i am using it as my out-greeting) zzadnp.

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