Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Who is The Messiah

Instead of American Idol we should have a new show called American Messiah. I think it would be fascinating who the American people would choose as their messiah and then our Messiah could go head to head with other people's messiah. We all seem to want someone to worship, but all of the people we worship are usually very vain, destrutive, or apathetic towards anything other then their careers. The more self absorb they are the more we seem to admire them. Maybe we should pick a half way decent messiah and maybe somebody will start to ponder and with that pondering a change would take place. That change would spread and all of sudden people would not be held in bondage by religion but feel relief and true freedom instead as we probably intended.

Most religious people I have come across are so in their heads they miss the point of everything that they spout from their own mouths. If we transcend thought then we start to realize the oneness of everything. Wake Up Wake up wake up and I will do the same and we might realize that we are all sleeping messiahs. I do believe everyone has the potential to be a messiah they just need to become aware of themselves and the world that we are currently emeshed in. Somehow the sane people are crazy and the crazy people are at very the least more sincere. So if the messiah is reading this which I am sure that they are wake up to who you are and I'll do the same and maybe we could bring some people back from the dead and perhaps they already have come back.

This idea of a messiah intrigues many people and they talk about a messiah complex, but really a few more messiahs in the mix would be an awesome thing. I am in Boulder and then I am going to Burning Man and I will keep on the look out for a messiah and if you find a good one notify me. I was recently part of a project and they were looking for a messiah they actually chose me and another guy, but I am still looking for clues as to where this mysterious messiah may rest. I feel that we are so close and once all the illusions fade away they will make their presence known. Long live the American Messiah and long live alll messiahs for that fact.

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JMinney said...

we'll need to live long, beacuse there's a long road ahead of us

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