Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Coolest Hipster Ever


Reverend Steve said...

This video is priceless, but it is a well documented fact that James Tatum is the coolest hipster ever.

Te'DeVan said...

There are many out there myself included that would agree with that statement, but because of his coolness factor we were unable to use him for the filming. Still can't believe you got kicked off myspace for your pic especially when considering what else is out there in myspace world.

Reverend Steve said...

Nobody gets kicked off of MySpace until somebody complains about you. If the object of the complaint is a picture of the Vice President shooting children, you will for sure get the boot. Sigh... I suppose that's what alter egos are for.

Being a true hipster means you are too cool to be cool. Long live James Tatum!

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