Sunday, August 27, 2006

Okay The Middle East Has Looked Better

Okay I am not an expert on foreign policy by any stretch of the imagination, but I know that there will be more turblence ahead and more violence, but eventually this will all come to an end. The worlds dependency on oil has made this situation worse because the world supplies these countries weapons which certainly causes more problems.

It seems at times that when looking at the situation that everyone there seems to dislike everyone else, but this will all change in about 8 years. Why 8 years you ask I am not actually sure I just think 8 seems like a pretty magic number. And what we need in the middle east is a whole lot of magic. And by magic I mean the ability to make everyone forget all the previous fighting and start with a blank slate. How can this happen you ask? Love which also includes sex that is so amazing that people can't remember how to load a gun much less have the motivation to fire it. If we loved more and part of love is taking your time during sex then there would be less time for war. It is really true when they say make love not war. So simpe but so true I would rather be making love then going to war any day of the week. We need to improve the world's love lifes. Though I joke I am also somewhat serious.

If people loved to garden more or loved to play sports more or loved to write more there would simply be less time for war and less time for oil consumption. Now I can be certain but I think there is some odd correlation between oil consumption and the intensity of war in the middle east. Perhaps if this country and other countries relied more on other forms of energy perhaps it would help to diffuse the middle east and perhaps in 8 years or less that will become the case.

Things in the world were once peaceuful and they shall become that way again even in the turblent middle east, especially in the middle east.

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