Thursday, June 29, 2006

What Should I write About

Sometimes when we write no specific topic comes to mind, but we want to write. I love writing because it allows me to reach quite a few people and hopefully impact their day in a positive way. I want people to be relentlessly in pursuing what they want, but not to forget to enjoy the pursuit. A revolution comes in the strangest way because intially you can not see it and only if you speak the truth will the people be moved.

May I prick like a vine as you taste the grapes of wrath and we are all characters from our favorite books and movies. I want to wake up because sleeping hurts too much. I am a flower wilting in a jungle of concrete but I come back and I come back like Ivy on the walls and the writing on these walls becomes brighter to the point that you have to take notice. I have no magic that you don't possess yourself. If there is one difference it is that I am almost dogmatic in following this magic and letting it guide me in all ways. I will not deny the pull and when I feel it I will go and nothing can stand in my way accept myself. Stop time and Dance Magic Dance and find that we are living in a world that most people ignore, but it does not mean that it is not there. All things are where they need to be and we are loved by beings we are not sure exist anymore.

They all exist and I can feel there loving embrace and I ask for their assitance and that I may continue to have the courage to follow where they guide me to.

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