Monday, June 12, 2006

Funny Fantasy

Okay so I totally want to have a threesome with a beautiful girl named Virginia and another beautiful girl from Virginia. Of course this would hold true of Georgia, Kentucky, Indiana, or any other place for that matter. Truthfully, any two beautiful bi-sexual girls not doing it for the money (or at least assuming I am not aware of it) and me in a threesome, are nice. Lets be honest, I probably won't turn it down if one of them is named Sally and the other is from Virginia. But for whatever reason, this specific detail really appeals to me, and I recently saw that someone from West Virgnia was looking at my blog and Whoever you maybe, I will pretend that you are a beautiful bi-sexual woman who wants to have the most mind blowing threesome with me.

Also to specify I don't want either of these women to be drunk. They can be lightly buzzed, but I want them very present in the moment. I also want to have some amazing vegan carrot cake prior and after the sex followed by conversation about revolution. I want there to be naked swimming in a giant lake and I want the sexual tension building for a good 3 days before it explodes and I want it to be all of a sudden. This is a fantasy that I certainly think about and by putting it out there in cyberspace I have just dramatically increased my chances. I would also be quite happy if two women felt compelled to lie to me about being named Virgnia or being from Virginia. In general I am not into lying but I would accept it for this situation, but I still have faith that it can happen organically.

(Andy) The path to righteousness is coated with the lies of men... sometimes the days are left marinating in the filth they promote. Yet, sometimes, magic is born... save yourself from the day!


Anonymous said...

"She's beautiful
She never compromises, loves babies and surprises
Wears hi-heels when she exercises
Ain't that beautiful
Meet Virginia"

I love that song. I happen to be from virginia beach, so let be in that fantasy, wont you?


Te'DeVan said...

Wow I will certainly be open to such a thing if it flows. I do love that song and I have not been to Virginia to beach since my early teenage years, but I am do for a return. I am Banroo will be back soon.

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