Sunday, March 16, 2008

To whom it May COncern

Someone somewhere will hear you when they are ready to step forward and know when to push and when to pull and when to do nothing at all. Perhaps we have all been kicked out of our house to make our way in a world where madness is called sanity. Is dying really all that bad or is at a blessing that we give after we have completed our mission. I have dated quite a few cutters and yet most were embarassed or shamed by it and other cultures it is a socially acceptable ritual, but maybe for different reasons. We don't need drugs we are the drug and yet people think I am holding out on them when I say meditation lead me here. Meditation is eveything it is about being present to what you are feeling in this moment, Don't stuff it anymore. Let it erupt and from there it will ooze into eveything you do. Look at your own ability to freely move as the waterways carry into the ocean until man gets in the way. We are part of something amazng and yet many of us spend a great part of our life denying what is truly our ultimate power which is the ability to love regardless of all the madness that surrounds us.

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