Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Healing Old Wounds

Every now and then in life we are given a chance to directly undo karmic debt with someone we met along the way. In our lives we weren't always as aware as we are now at this point and we were taken over by rage, jealousness, bitterness and other such things. Perhaps we will encounter these people and have a chance to help heal an old wound. This has happened to me recently and the healing takes place in a way that words can not capture. I am in Miami Florida right now listening to chanting music and have recently gotten back from a music festival in the Everglades known as Langerado. Along the way numerous people cross our paths and some of perhaps are people we that wronged in previous lifetime though we may have no conscious awareness of this, but an overall sense that we owe them some debt of service. I firmly believe in Karma and past lives and that sometimes we pay off our debt directly or indirectly. I used to be quite mean to a friend of my sisters when we were kids and yesterday we were lead to each other in a strange way to help repair some of those wounds. When the process had run its course I got up bowed and went on my way. There is a continuous flow that guides us if we listen to it. We are all apart of this flow and it will take us on all sorts of adventures. I am blessed to have all the spiritual riches that I have been given and blessed to be able to help so many people along the way. I continue to contemplate my immortality in physical body and debate between what is destiny and how much we can change our destiny. We may not be able to control the ride, but we can decide how to respond what happens on our journey. I want to bless everyone out there who has helped me along the way. At music festivals I get a chance to connect with all sorts of people that I have met along the way. At the last festival I saw a good friend from Boston named Dan and I could see his progress in his meditation path and along with another friend we held a spontaneous meditation circle that many people felt and a few joined at the music festival. These festivals are great places in many senses because people are coming to search for something. Most people don't step outside of their comfort zones and therefore they don't expand and stay with what is familiar. We all have opportunities to expand our awareness in each moment. Being in this moment and aware of what it holds is the key to being open to the gift of the here and now wherever that may be.

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