Sunday, May 27, 2007

I Have a gift But I am not the solution

Last night it occurred to me while at a party that though it is a wonderful thing to do the work that I do or rather be the vessel that I am for healing energy there is an idea that I just wave my hands around/ do a prayer and all problems are gone. I am not capable of doing such a thing. I a merely someone that is capable of holding a space for people that desire to let go of their pain. I am not the guru I am merely someone that could perhaps be of some small assistance on your journey. Ultimately you must have desire to let go of your pain. I view myself as a man who stumbled upon his greatest asset within my own being and desire to help other people do the same thing.

I do not have a quick fix end all be all thing that I do. I merely can remind you that you don't need all the things that you are carrying around on your shoulders. You can then chose to heed me advice and let go or you can keep trucking along business as usual. We are both reflections of each other is how I view the world. I try to be aware of some of the things that world mirrors back at me.

Sometimes the most wonderous energy will pour thru my being, but that is because there is a desire from the person that I am do healing work on to accept it. They don't need belief as much as they need desire in order to become more in balance. I am constantly striving to find a deeper inner peace that allows me not be shaken when the world around me becomes challenging. Everything that you need is within you and starts with Making your mind quiet and listening to your inner guidance.


sonny said...

well spoken friend

yummiey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Der Baron von Bornstein said...

Hey, my friend!
We will have to hang out again soon.

sonny said...

so has the dharma pad been established yet Te'DeVan?

natasha said...

i think you should call your friend walter. hope the rest of your night was as enjoyable as the first half... don't get lonely in the big city.

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