Sunday, June 03, 2007

1 degree of separation from Kevin Bacon

I ended up meeting two awesome cats from Columbia University while visiting Stanford. They are now both back in NYC and I have been kicking it with them. Humorously enough one of their friends recently met Kevin Bacon. Ah yes 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon which really only turns out to be one degree from multiple angles. My blinddate episode which took place 4 years ago was with a girl from Columbia (many blessings wherever you maybe) and I dedicated the first episode to the legalization of dancing in NYC. That's right NYC has some weird law that makes it illegal to dance at many bars and at certain times has actually arrested people for dancing. This brought about the DLF (dance liberation Front). Anyway back in 2003 I was stopped from dancing at bowery bar because they did not have a cabaret license. I realized that I needed to do something about it and an opportunity was provided to go on blinddate. I ended up going back to hang with the girl from the date and she was across the street from where Kevin Bacon used to live. This was all 4 years ago. Recently it has been reairing on television and people keep in NYC keep mentioning it. And just a few moments ago I met a Columbia student who had been hanging out with Kevin Bacon last night. Once again Kevin Bacon the dancing prophet and myself have almost crossed paths (for those of you who don't understand the dancing prophet reference see the movie "Footloose").

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