Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Taking the Campaign to the South

So I have been MIA recently I was at Bonnaroo just enjoying myself immensely and following the flow of adventure. I was doing my best imitation of Sean Penn's character from All the Kings Men and stumping ( i think that is the right term) in front of the long lines at the portapottie. The speeches went over quite well for the most part. I can only imagine what the people inside of the bathrooms must have thought. My VP Smiley was having people make juice on his head and Matt Fisher did lots of explainations about we are all in the same band and that everyone is running for president. There was alot of insanity and many worlds colliding. I met a beautiful girl from Mobile, Alabama who wanted to take me back home and it almost worked out that way. Instead I met two marvelous Ivy league lesbians who took me to the suburbs of conneticut. We had great conversation about life and I did healing on the one from Harvard who had a bad sunburn. I had a ride fall thru last minute and made a ghetto cardboard sign early in the morning. I am back in NYC and working hard to bring the Dharma pad together though hopefully not too hard. We are all heading towards a whole new world and everyone's ability to be anything is becoming more obvious everyday. I just want to give a big shout out to "ask a gay man" I could only imagine being gay in Kentucky is not that easy.

I miss all of my friends in San Fran, Santa Cruz and the rest of Northern California. Alot of amazing people to meet and connect with in NYC. Everyone the Dharma Pad will be open starting July 1st and much love to Sonny for plunging yourself head first into your spiritual path.


weremostlywater said...

relieved from the bathroom
of some Whole, entire, Foods marketplace,
i came out with a new, calm, slow(er)
vibration - tag, you're it.
brothers both carry passports,
and books, things; prepared,
prepared for what?
i lost my book, my pass, your contact
(a hard day or two, i will admit -
i do have my attachments as well..)
still, i can remember your name,
and so here we are.
write me,
i'll be around, everywhere,
but we can make it look more
..specific? certain faces, 'places', 'times'.

i told you my name was matthew,
my mother once told me
that when i was little..

sonny said...

i really deeply appreciate the much love from you Te'Devan. You are a big big inspiration to me and recieving your love here in India simply by a written message on your blog is heartfelt indeed. i am a newborn baby here learning slowly this way of life, but i still see the same desire for love manifesting in infinite ways.

much love to you too brother.

by the way did you meet my friend David at Banaroo-he was supposed to be there and I told him to keep an eye out for a 6'7 freestyle rapping qiqong healing jew that will rap for you!

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