Monday, October 30, 2006

Button Clicking


Reverend Steve said...

Does this mean we aren't MySpace friends anymore?

Regarding Paris Hilton... I have given this some thought. I think pretty soon all this partying is going to get her knocked up. Often. I imagine the amount of money she will be paying out to all her baby daddies will be a princely sum... a philanthropical amount for sure. Maybe that is what her vocation will be.

Plus, think of all the slutty genes she will pass on. That's what the world needs... more promiscuity.

BTW... did you see the gay marriage is legal in Jersey now. Is that your doing?

Te'DeVan said...

I am now truly proud to be from the Garden State. I feel that the previous Governor might have had a hand in that as well. That is awesome maybe on one of the episodes I could contemplate marrying my VP. Of course we are myspace friends Reverend Steve because you are in my top 8 which is a totally different scenario.

Reverend Steve said...

You are well aware of the fact that I am for real an ordained minister, and would be happy to wed you to another male. However, I would be extremely jealous that you married a dude before I did.

So, the question is... if you married a dude in Jersey, and it wasn't recognized in 48 other states, could you then marry a woman in any of those states? If you then returned to Jersey (or Massachusetts) could you be jailed as a polygamist? These questions seem retarded, but no more retarded than trying to legislate the activities of consenting adults. In brief... Te'DeVan for President in 2008!

PS. I may be in your Top 8, but you are in my Top 1. Wow... it sounds like I am proposing to you.

Te'DeVan said...

thank for the love my man. I just checked the amount of views this blog gets and people are actually reading it. I might have to be somewhat accountable for what I am saying. Don't worry I promise not to censor myself. Last thing we need is another censored pundit who has been castrated by his success.

We could make a blog of our best e-mails sent back and forth to each other. I am getting ready to go to Key West shortly.Once again involving the cops threating to send me to jail for I believe 29 days for spiritual healing. They said if anyone gave me a donation they would classify it as panhandling.

Reverend Steve said...

Your episode of Yo Mamma aired tonight (10/31). You were literally cut down to less than 90 seconds. Boo.

Did anybody TiVo this? It was YouTube worthy...

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