Thursday, November 02, 2006

I used To write

I nver want to utter that sentence. I always want to go at this keyboard with reckless abandon like Hemingway after another drunken night on the streets of Key West. I would rather be an emotional hack than eloquent corpse. I want to take chances in every respect in my life. I want to have occassional bad sentecne structures I want to mispel words. I want to dance the drunk words sober. I want the madness to become waves of acid color rainbows from some sort of astral plane. I want to make no sense at all and have women that I have never met fall in love with some sort of alternate identity that comes out late night to the dismay of man who is too often rational. Would does being rational ever get you. I must take chances in my work, writing, love life, dancing, swimming and everything in general. I must immediately go full force and become the renegade turtle who has been lulling people to sleep only to nail them with the crucfiction of the hare. Give me hair and lots of it all over the ass crack of the plumbers that come to late in a world of overflowing highschool toilets with cherry bombs that were purchased in person and not on the internet. May I meet bold, beautiful bisexual women that know I am a bit of a sexist and are not trying to change me. We must fight nothing there is no good fight. Fights are for suckers I just want the good blowjob on the beach.... I am Hunter S. Thompson I am Native American back for revenge. I will make Don quixotee to seem reasonable.

Let it all flush down the drain and may the clowns make me laugh cry and run to the nearest organic grocery store. May people realize that Utah has for major M's Marines, Mormons, Mountains, and Meth heads. I still believe in you and this country and I don't have to do anything but be. Let it Be my friends. John Lennon still lives and Bob Marley is now a tall freestyle rapping jew. I will do my best to make outrageous comments and keep you in a cage made of straw. Viva La Conch Viva La COnch. Read about Key Weird or Key West or whatever you think about calling it.

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