Friday, November 24, 2006

War On Poverty

So you thought India is backwards because they have a caste system and the untouchables well it seems in additon to Yoga we are now importing a law mandated caste system. It is actually against the law to have compassion and feed homeless people in Orlando and Las Vegas along with some other places. What the fuck is going on here people. But it is laws like this that even make a conservative cringe a little bit. It is along the lines of the Dred Scott Decision back in the day. America basically said "We racist, but we don't want to be that racist". When those who are in control start to realize they are losing control they get desperate. Obviously this is one of those times. In some places they have even tryed to set up panhandling zones. We should make showing emotion in public illegal as well because it makes alot of people uncomfortable. London bridges falling down falling down. SO what's next. I'm afraid of Americans I understand this sentiment more and more.


Reverend Steve said...

When Jello Biafra ran for Mayor of San Francisco back in the 1970's one part of his campaign platform was to Legalize Squatting.

Interestingly enough, he also wanted to mandate that all businessmen wore clown suits between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM.

Food for thought.

(Though I hope I would get a Presidential Pardon on the clown suits.)

Te'DeVan said...

At some point on the campaign I am going to wear a full all out clown suit. I am in favor of squatters rights especially as cities continue to fail to provide adequate housing for its people not to mention the often deplorable conditions of the shelters.

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