Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Not Good Enough... But Why?

Today I was I sitting outside of Wild Oats eating cholocate obcession soy ice cream that no matter what I did or had done it would never be good enough to me. Now, of course always striving to do better is a wonderful trait, but the feeling that it is not good enough is a common occurrence for most people. No matter what you do you will never be smart enough, cool enough, rich enough, desired enough, respected enough, famous enough, successful enough, etc...... Luckily this is not a feeling that consumes me, but is certainly a feeling that I have and something that I need to recognize otherwise it could lead to some very umpleasant mental states.

Regardless of how many healings I may do and how many people I may positively effect there is a part of me that feels that it is not enough and I comparing myself to saints, gurus, avatars, and John of God type healers. It is great to strive to accomplish more but it is also important to respect where we are at in our journey and understand that all these things will come in due time and that patience and persistence is a necessary requirement. Yet these accomplishments within themselves will not make us peaceful. I could heal a thousand people of cancer and I would still be thinking it is not enough it needs to be more. It always needs to be more and I am always going to be falling short. My acting,dancing,singing, and art are good, but still they are not good enough. In order to stop this pattern we have to shut off the noise in our mind and just pause and be completely enthralled in the moment we are in. It is really funny when you think about it. It could get to a point where you are having sex and saying "yeah this is good, but I could still be better in performance". The mind can be the bottomless pit that never can be filled no matter how much you fill it and the more you fill it the more it craves to be feed. So it is necessary to recognize the pattern and then to break it. Breaking this pattern takes place by getting out of your head.

So I recommend that everyone get out of their head (I will do the same) and feel the perfection of this moment and realize that it is more then enough.

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shelter island said...

thanks for helping me remember this

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