Wednesday, November 15, 2006

On That Verge

So I have a couple of ideas floating around in my head these days and just waiting to see which one avails itself to me. There are so many possibilities in this world and sometimes it seems a bit overwhelming, but if we can relax the most beneficia onel will make itself known to us when the time is right. A great idea and a bad idea can be separated by just one day. Yet, I feel as if I am going to make a large discovery inside of myself that will effect the way I go about my everyday living.

We are all making our own time capasules containing things from the past yet many of us seem to swallow it instead of burying it in the backyard. Perhaps by consuming we are trying to digest it, but the system was made to excrete such things. Yet time capasules are very challenging for the body to spit out. We all have dreams and when we reach a point where they might actually manifest we become excited and scared. Ultimatley none of our accomplishments will bring us the greater peace tha all of us consciously and unconsciously seek.

I write to you from Miami Beach but I just could as easily being writing this from New York, L.A., India or anywhere in the United States for that matter. We all have an amazing destiny for ourselves if we allow ourselves to follow our intution and not resist because it is unfamiliar to everything that we think that we have come to understand. We must Grok things instead of looking at things in cursory manner indicative of a generation diagnosed with "permanent" attention deficit disorder. We are all collectively flying to higher levels of peace and prosperity and new ideas will manifest at the forefront of our mind. We are all on that verge and that verge neccesitates change which will take place regardless of how hard we try to hold onto old concepts.

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