Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A New Nightlife

In a world of plastic women the plastic card is king and gold is nice, platinum is better, but the Black American Express in Trump in this game. All the peacocks show their brightest feathers. Somehow anything that is real or sincere is taken out of the equation and the most superficial and plastic person is on top of the pyramid of insecurity. This can be signified by $300 Vodkas that bars convince wealthy patrons or (desperately wanting to appear wealthy) to spend so that other people in the bar can know how succcessful they must be. Nothing tells us more of someone's character when you see them spend $300 or more on a bottle of Vodka that is worth about $30.

People will also wait online outside to go inside and spend this absurd amount of money. People must think that Utopia exists inside of these bars (as someone who has been inside I can tell you it is far from Utopia). If they go into that door somehow they will become a better person (drunker/higher/poorer person. It is alot more likely by getting a hug from Amma that you will become a better person, but she does not have any late night club yet(focus on yet). People are trying to connect with each other, but they don't know how to do this because they don't have a realtionship with themself that does beyond their appearance or status. I don't fault anyone for this, but I do recognize the insanity of this social world that has been created. We need to create a new social world.

What if there were a late bar that served organic juices, teas, (we can also make some $300 brews for those who don't want to feel out of place) give out free hugs at the door (of course tip your hugger), Healers, Psychics, and really interesting nomads that you can take home with you. We could call it "Bring Back The Nomad". These Nomads would be happy people that have found peace within them that radiates outward or just complete maniacs that have something that makes it hard not to keep staring at them.Yes, this is it a new nightlife has been formed. You have read it here first NOW! the prophecy shall unfold.

Organic Juics, Overpriced Teas, etc.. and a whole new world that is a break from the mundane. By the way, one last thing lots and lots of 80's music. Remember fellows all she wants to do is dance. She likes to party she likes to get down because all she wants to do is dance.

Sincerity is something that even when completely out of place that people always notice.


jordan said...

no mad, how negative. yes happy?

Te'DeVan said...

Very Happy Happy Happy Joy Joy. All she wants to do is dance.

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