Sunday, November 12, 2006

Going A Little Mad, Okay Alot Mad

There are moments where I honestly feel like the Buddha (in a state of total zen, so blissed out of my mind) that almost everyone is postive that I am rolling and wanting to know what I am on or thinking that I might be Jesus returned. There are other days of course where I feel just a bit mad. I don't feel so much angry as I do that I am about to explode with some sort of epiphany that will cahnge everything in the way that I percieve. The traveling that I do is about opening myself up to different points of view especially if others view them as outlandish.

I brandish an invisible sword every now and then and feel the desire to vanquish the invisible foes that exist in my mind. To hit the off button and succumb to the peace that represents our truest and highest nature. Yet, sometimes before we reach that point, and we are still holding onto the old ways we start to go a little mad. Perhaps a little batty. We might start laughing uncontrollabley at odd moments or having conversations outloud with no concern to how others might percieve this behavior. Being miserable and not trying to let go of that misery is the truest madism I can think of (yes I think I made the word madism up). Being apathetic and feeling that passion is some sort of fleeting novelty. Passion is the way that life was meant to be lived. I choose my madness and my sadness, but I also choose to reliquish them so that I can experience a serenity that soothes my being. We all want to feel this way; but many people are convinced that only valium or some other substance is the way to achieve this feeling. I would based off my own experience and the experience of others disagree with this idea.

We can stop the madness at any moment and surrender to the power of the moment that we are in right now. Allow Love/God/Universe/Yoda to bless our whole being thru and thru. "Alright stop! children what's that sound everybody look what's going down". Going beyond traditional thought takes us to that next point where things come into being at the mere suggestion from the lips of our minds. We have the power to shape this world in ways that most have not considered. So I ask you to consider the power of your thoughts after having surrendered your will to the higher force. If just one of us can find peace it makes that much easier for the next person to find that same state of being.


Anonymous said...

hey tedevan,

your journal entries are amazing. as i read your stuff i feel as if your writing the truth. well i hope you dont go mad, and i wish you the best of luck on your journey.

sincerely, joshua

Te'DeVan said...

thank you for the love and I though I may appear to go mad on the outside I promise to stay within myself and not be thrown off by the Maya (illusion).

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