Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Destination Unknown

So often people are always asking me when I am going to be showing up at such and such location. Even some of my dearest friends ask me this question. Truthfully I have almost no idea, but I find myself giving vague timelines as to when I might end up arriving. People's minds have this intense desire for everything to be very neat and orderly. There is very little about my life that qualifies as neat or orderly. I am a nomad that moves which ever way the winds may take me. I surrender myself to the magic and allow things to play out as they will. Of course on occasion even I desire to be able to say with some degree of certainity that I will be in a given place for an exact amount of time. But I simply do not know these things nor do I want to know. I simply want to be wherever I may be and bask in the wonder of the moment that I am in.

Sometimes I will arrive in a place and as soon as I get there people will ask me where I am going next. This obcession with what is next takes people out of the current moment. I have been guilty of this myself, but I realize that the future does not exist nor does it hold a solution to any problems. This very moment that exist in is the only moment of any real significance. All other moments are based on what follow from the moment of now. I command (in an uncommmanding sort of way) you to be wherever you are,to be with the people you are surrounded by, and to be with the stillness that exists within the silence of this moment.

Ripples on the pond do not change the pond from being a pond nor do raindrops on the ocean make the ocean anything more or anything less then an ocean.


Anonymous said...

destination unknown...all alone is how i go...like a puddle in the rain, gathering things... here today, gone tomoorrow...i'm comin through to take you slowly to the edge...and fill your heart with hope and courage...and in your own way you see me tumble-in free...moving softly at my own speed...cause i'm at home today, ive found my home today -shelter island

Te'DeVan said...

That was so stunning that my heart stopped as I read it. I could feel the emotions oozing thru as I read it. As put myself in a different time and place. Simple moments chnage everything and life is quite simple, but the mind makes it complex.

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