Sunday, October 08, 2006

It hurts so Bad

So you want to tear out your hair and dance naked in the rain in a busy city street because you have reached that breaking point when you realized that you've been had. You've been told so much nonsense and now you just want to be swallowed by Moby Dick and tell the Captain to go fuck himself because he is wasting his time. That is right Oh Captain my Captain find yourself another quest because I don't want to be anyone's charity case. It is over between you me and the editor. No m ore editors let it be sloppy. Hyperventilate into your paper bag because I will give you something to freak out about. You can guranatee that I will give you something to lose your breath over. Let me take your breath away because you weren't reeally using it for anything anyway. This is raw and right out of that place that is just tired of being kicked around and I don't need anything other than to stay hungry. Cut quickeer then you could pick up your knife. Why do you want me so bad if you couldn't handle me anyway. So it is at a point where something has to burst. I am going to snap out of this dream in the blink of an eye I will it so and the will is fierce and the hearrt is willing. Give me extra letters and don't butterr me up in some sort of attempt to shoot me up with dope. I don't want to be numb I am here so look at my hands and tell me if you see your destiny in them. I'll keep them wide open and energy beams will shoot on thru them as I have peeled away the layers. Give me your imperfections and I'll tell you that I am jusst a giant boy and the universe tells me I have a role to play so I am here to play and if you have any questions get the anwsers from yourself because it is Christ within you that saves.

Sincerely your favorite lover/sinner/winner and guest for dinner,


Colin said...

I wonder what happened. I felt like exploding today. I felt like spitting venom. Sometimes I wonder where I'm going.
Hope all is well.

Te'DeVan said...

Hey kid some days are certainly more challenging then others, but the toughest ones for me help me to become closer to God/Higher Power. If you can be at peace in the exact moment in your in and realize you have all that you need and it exists inside of your core. You just need to clear out the mind and experience. Let go of the past and any preoccupation with the future and experience this moment as it is without any judgement and preconceived notions. The mind is a trap that many people stay stuck within until the pain becomes great and they let it go.

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