Friday, December 19, 2008

Experts Aren't All that

It occurs to me that shrinks in theory should always be the happiest people on the planet being that they studied the human mind to such a great extent and therefore have the knowledge to fix all of their problems. It seems to me also that the United States should never have financial problems because we have experts that know what they are doing. We should never have any military problems because most of our military leaders graduated first in their class at West Point. That doctors should never prescribed medicine that makes people more sick then when they entered the doctor's office. In case you didn't none of what I just said is true. Experts have some value but often they impede us in attempting to go about things in new ways to yield better results and sometimes we know something that the experts don't know and may we be brave enough to go with that. I remember being young and the doctor's trying to prescribe medication for a bad cold I had and I refused very strongly to take for some instinctive reason my parents listening to the expert gave it to me and the reaction was intensely adverse. We should listen to what experts have to say but realize that there are many factors that they can't account for and sometimes the beginner has a fresh way of viewing things that allow for many amazing results.


Bibliophile said...

I completely agree. I had a similar experience when I was a teenager dealing with depression. A psychiatrist who wanted to put me on medication. I refused and my parents were happy enough to oblige. In general I am skeptical of anyone who professes to know better than I what is best for me.

Also, it was a pleasant surprise to hear from you. We have in fact crossed paths. How did you come across my blog, and how did you know it belonged to me?

Anonymous said...

Hey hit me up on my e-mail I look forward to a continuation of our conversation and all that jazz. Boy Do I love that Jazz

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