Sunday, December 14, 2008

You Me we were the Pretenders

We let it all slip away then we awoke. I woke up from a dream last night and I saw my old tai-chi-gong master. I gave him a $20 donation in my dream and he was standing fully upright. It was a small token of my thanks and then suddenly it struck me that he had passed away 3 years ago and therefore I knew none of this was taking place on this current earth realm. I immediatley snapped up from my sleep. He gave to me so greatly and freely at a point in my life where I had no concept of how amazing the gift that I was receiving. An astrologer I once saw India mentioned this significant period in my life and how it was ordained before I was born to be given such an experience. One part of me greatly believes in fate and another also believes in our free will. Somewhere this two things coincide and share the same space some how and may finite mind may never understand this, but it is not necessary for me to grasp such a thing. Last night I saw a young man named Kevin then I went to college with and could see that pain and suffering that is caused when you awaken but you do not fully allow yourself to embrace the realization in the way that you live your every day life. There is nothing here other then the love that I give and share that will cross over with me. The rest is merely smoke and mirrors. Yet I noticed that my friend Kevin had more of a humitlity and humanity that resonated from him more strongly. Once you have already begun the process of waking up you must allow yourself to see it on thru. Your options are suffering more or accepting. Either we accept or we suffer and all of us are justing passing thru all of us are just visitors and nomads with our moments and stages both large and small. The unvierse conspires in way that seem absurd at times to allow these glimpses of divinity to shine thru if we allow ourselves to see it. May I always allow myself to be see it especially when it is not pratical or convient to recognize. No more pretending just being as much as I will allow myself to be.

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