Saturday, October 27, 2007

Not Always Perfect But Push On

The series of screw-ups and mistakes that we can make also give us the opportunity to be amazing if we allow ourselves that opportunity. Things will not always be perfect and I am continuing to allow myself to be at peace with it. I have not perfected, but in many situations some people will not even try because of that. Never can we allow ourselves to be held paralyzed by our own fear that it might not be as good as we want it. We just have to the best we can in every moment. Own your mistakes and then go ahead and do better next time. Your skills will keep on improving as long as you allow yourself not be holding back. Now is the time to let yourself and if you stumble get back up and keep going. It is a long journey and there is always ample time to recover.

I am thinking about a generation that has been more defined by drugs, video games, internet, sex then anything else thus far. I desire and I know many of you feel the same to be a generation that is remembered for helping to change this country. At this moment on the surface it seems unlikely, but underneath the surface there is something transpiring that changes all of that. It is a radical inner transformation. Truth hits and cuts thru and it doesn't have to be eloquent merely truthful and delivered in a way that keeps everyone's head ringing. Let it be something that they can't shake. Let it be a new beginning that starts right now.

let us get a little crazy in fact let it be alot crazy. Let us move forward and balance that with being deeply still so that we find that center where we are at peace with all living sentient beings ( I got that word sentient recently). Free at last but there is not at last we were always free we seem to have a glitch in our inability to perceive this immediate freedom that has always been available.

Close down only to open up more because closing off just hurts too much and the only other option is just to let it all go and not get upset by anything anyone else says.

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