Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Let It come on out

All over the place at times like my thoughts we sometimes run wild like Hemingway being chased by bulls. May I find the blue bull and may he help me to find the purple haze of a jimi hendrix that has come back to guard the tower. Give me hip-hop and call it jazz or give me country and call it rock. Let Johnny Cash be Jesus and let no one know the difference. Words can't fully tell you the story. Let lindsay Lohan Brittany spears and Pairs Hilton all become one entity simply known as a symbol like the artist formerly known as prince. We all have our own dramas let us bring the focus into this current moment and change the things that we are not content with and let go of the things that we can't do anything about. Such a simple concept that anyone could grasp this, yet we struggle to take this fully in and struggle to swim to the point of drowning when the water is only 3 feet deep. Still waters run deep and yet our fears seem to run deeper. Recently I asked my mom her views on death and she said "It is something to ignore". She views it as a bad thing and I realized this is merely the perception of a culture that I was raised in.

I want to love everything but find myself scared to always embrace things for what they are and project upon them. I want to laugh and cry and dance and rap like there is nothing else to do, but have this experience. We are all part of this amazing experience but it can only be that way if we open ourselves to it. Anytime I feel myself making a choice out of fear I do my best to stop and make another choice. The leap of faith is challenging but even more challenging is when we are in mid-air and we have yet to make it to other side and we have left behind everything that was familiar. I have spend much of the last 6 years letting go of attachments and still I have many more to release so that I can get to my core essence which is a deep peace. Of course when our mind is racing and we feel intensely anxious this seems like some sort of delusion and if we stay in our head we will continue to doubt that we can touch upon such amazing bliss so easily. May I continue to make my life more simple so that I can help other people to do the same.


Heather said...

te'devan! it's heather, that girl that you healed in july, met some other time before that, and ran into on the street today. i googled you like i said i would! i'm glad we ran into each other again before you left; it felt like it was supposed to happen. i'd like to keep in touch, however informally. much love.

Anonymous said...

thank you for the love Heather. You can find me on Facebook "Te'DeVan or myspace tedevan. Be that change you want in the world

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