Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Prince Is Coming Back

He never went to away but I want to declare my undying love for Prince regardless of his new religious beliefs and any door to door converting he may be doing. I admit that if I had a door and he knocked on it I might have to convert. Luckily I am a nomad and I hear he mostly goes door to door in Minnesota. Prince aaid "Let's GO Crazy" and I am certainly feeling the sentiment these days. Can't keep running away from a destiny that overtakes me moment to moment and I encourage others to do the same and that in the end everything will be alright is more then just a popular song. It is the truth in the end there is merely another beginning and we have an opportunity to hit the world with our best shot. I am looking in the man in the mirror and I hear the 80's is coming back which has been happening for 5 years, but it becomes more prolific now more then ever.

Can't please everybody but I can certainly give everyone an opportunity to be free and dreams are sent away to a place where they seem to be forgotten. I am here to be fully present in all my actions and start and stop different trends that have been a long time building. I don't have any claim rather I recognize there is something that guides me from different places and I know when I am in balance with it and when I resisting it. Put yourself out there and carry yourself with all that hidden courage.

The lie to us about war and the reasons why we are there. We are entering into a new place of understanding. Politics is about people and the people are being neglected and we don't question authority and the legitimate is criminal and they get treated the way we should treat our youth.

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