Monday, November 26, 2007

When They Ask Me How IT HAPpened

I will tell them I never understood why it couldn't happen. That I new that most people did not want to live the way they were living and they were tired of living in fear and that wanted their walls to come down because it was too much to bear alone. I find myself in strange magical places that even people tripping on acid can't truly experience. I will tell them I was guided to the most amazing people in every different genre and that I got them together and it just took off from there. I didn't really have to do anything other then just introduce one stranger to another stranger so that they no longer seem divided by anything. Now the separation ends and the merging begins.

Couch up a lung and let it all be done like a red scarecrow that can't seem to scare anything but was always good when Dorothy felt like going to a Rave. There was a formula but that was lost when you and I went dirty dancing on another plane of existence. I was always crazy about you, but then again I am just plain crazy because I insist I being immersed and present as a witness to my life. I have rubies coming out of my ears and cocaine in my blood from a previous life. Though in this one I won't even touch coffee. We danced to Billie Holiday and I told you that one war only sets up the next one with small gaps in between. We masturbate until we became asexual but still the lust wouldn't slip away. You were tragic with too much diet pills and cough syrup. Your mom had a bad addiction to your father who couldn't get off that H train. No more pain you and I got lost in the Rain. Your brother's HIV was pain you could no longer bare and we both realized that true love is way too rare. We both promised to love each other even if we never saw each other again.

You were my next of kin when kind seemed like a word that was outdated but nothing about u was ever understated... There you were with blue eyeliner before it became a craze. There you were in a maze of pretensions that I got you to drop every time we made a penatration beyond platitudes and I always loved your attitude on all things watching you naked in the swings.

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