Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Let's Go For Broke

I want this evasive thing and I am going to lay myself out for it and no that eventually we all leave this place one way or another. Sometimes I need to get crazy like prince and then pray like Jesus. Hey any jew that gets a religion made after him must have been on to something. Hey Jesus save me from your followers when you get a chance. I don't want a lifesaver because I never saved anything for the swim baack that is how did all of this when I was written off in that way we have been taught to dismiss most people. We almost always have multiple reassons for doing things and in that regard I am not different then anyone else. All of us have some much more heart and strength then we let ourselves realize and we have combination of light and darkness and we get confused, but just keep pushing thru because I am going to let everything go and then nothing will hold me down because I won't be holding on to anything. Pigment is a figment that most minds seem attached to so let the blind man lead us because he won't judge on appearances.

I am here and you are there and somewhere in between exists a destiny that all of us share in one way or another. Don't pretend and I'll do my best not to keep trying to be something that would never make me happy anyway. There is nothing to wait for because tomorrow does not hold an answer for me and yesterday is gone so let us fly high and find a deep pentrating love that helps me to get over myself until there is no self. I can't be so caught in my head and all of us are the creators of our own destiny. Our revolution happens once we decide that it comes.

You got me thinking thoughts Chicago even though Portland has me in her port and I don't think I am leaving too soon, but my energy can go anywhere. I was in the South and back in the midwest at college and walking around in New York and sleeping in Brooklyn and it all happens so fast and then I am hopping in car and getting on an airplane plannning political strategy and I am looking for a girl who is a ride or die chick that keeps me on path and pushes me to my limits, but when I am ready it will come. When I am ready it will come so for now my feet curb and I let the roots sink in deep.


Lenny L said...

Your posts are strange, but make a lot more sense than most things I see/hear everyday. President indeed. Meanwhile it's a little upsetting to know that you will no longer be spotted on the steps of union sq.

Te'DeVan said...

My spirit is always wandering around the steps of Union square. One day I will perish and my spirit will still wander. I love that place, but I am a nomad and now I am wandering the country finding my6self and helping other people along the way.

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