Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Revive A dead Fish

13 year old girl gets 2 detention for showing public displays of affection and someone in some branch of the military gets a medal of honor even if there were numerous civilian deaths. We have give Henry Kissenger of Death a nobel peace prize and we pay people lots of money to hit and throw balls and we pay teachers next to nothing to take care of our most precious resource. How do we lose sight it is one choice after another that gets you into a bad situation. I want to bring back hugs if JT can bring sexy back and his dick in box why can't a teenager girl hug her friends. And we wonder why kids feel the need to get high. The people in charge of them are out of their fucking minds. Most of our nation is on some form of narcotic and why haven't we gotten Bin Laden how fucking hard can it be with a 400 billion dollar budget. If this was my 3rd grade lemonade stand heads would be rolling. The people in charge are either really corrupt or really incompetent. How do we fall so far from grace. I know distractions are the opiate of the masses. Keep them busy is the American government strategy that has allowed them to murder millions in the name of higher profits. It really does come down to better economic interests. We would have intervened in Darfur long before Iraq if there was more oil and a threat to Saudi Arabia was posed.

I don't want to be political because it always comes back to one person feeling threatened and encouraging others to feel the same way. I don't want to encourage any more outrage I want to bring about a new way of living and thinking. We can Mindflank this entire government by dropping of their grid and massive civil disobedience. They are grabbing the reins more tightly because the facade is fading faster then walls of your sand castle during High tide. You are Ghandi You are Jesus You are Buddha and we need you to wake up Now!


Katherine said...

Hey, I saw you today when I was out smoking a cigarette. My friend said "hey, you should go talk to that guy" but I was like "man... I'm totally not cool enough."

So I came home and googled you, and boy I'm glad I did. You're a fascinating character, I added your blog to my RSS reader. Keep on doing what you're doing, the world needs more people like you.

Anonymous said...

Hey hit me up sometime when you have a moment and you can walk around with me. Life is all about going on an adventure.

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