Thursday, November 15, 2007

No Use Crying Over a wasted 1.6 trillion

For those of you who don't we spent that much in Iraq and Afaghanstain and we can't get it back and we can bring back the lives lost but we can steer in the country in a new direction. WE need to porvide clean water, food, and medicine all over the world so that we cab begin to show people that the American people and the government different quite a bit. One of the things I want to do is lowering the voting age and people say teenagers are not responisble enough and I say that most awful events in histroy are perpetrated by adults not teenagers. 1.6 trillionis a fine example.

Our cmapaign though not highly funded yet will be the first campaign to speak for the silent 200 hundred million majoiryt which will have its voice herad. We also watn to enlist the help of the international community to keep us informed about our governments actions abroad. A goverment that does not reperesent its people must be doen away with once the people wake up to this fact, The government is here to serve us and instead we serve them at tremdnous cost to our personal lives and humanity at large.

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