Tuesday, November 06, 2007

For those unfamiliar with My existence

Most people when they travel they stay at a hotel/family/friends/people they are dating/some sort of ex. Though I certainly do stay with friends while traveling (no exs they don't speak to me usually) I also end up staying with complete strangers who I meet when I arrive or I meet them online thru www.couchsurfing.com When I first started my journey I would meet people at a bar and end up sleeping on their couch/floor/spare bedroom/garage/backyard/car/van or in the bed with them. I also would meet people at the park on the street and all sorts of odd places and end up spending the night. I absolutely love the adventure and being thrust into so many different lives. Sometimes I would wake up and forget where I was and what city I was in and I was completely sober. I travel so much sometimes I just sort of lose track, but I never lose track of the amazing adventures I've had. Staying in a hotel/motel has never been my style though I do love to stay at an occassional hostel. I find myself previously a mere stanger in the midst of all sorts of amazing intriguing situations acting as an observer who offers my assistance if I see there is need/want and a willingness to receive my help. I basically end up helping people with all sorts of things from getting over a break-up to getting off drugs to being more organized or helping to encourage them to follow their own intution. Think a much more humorous and radical Tony Robbins with dreads and a gift for chi-gong/spiritual healing, freestyle rapping, and general story telling.

I do my best to help make people's lives better and they do the same in return for me. I am there to add a little spice into their life or bring some calm during the storm. I have stayed with married couples on the verge of a divorce, squabbling roommates, yogi instructors, people who tracked me down on the internet, people who recognize me from blinddate, people who I had met me in passing in another state altogether. All of us are looking to connect to other people and more to ourself. My major role in life is to help move along that process. I find that being a modern day nomad is the best way to go about it. The way I get around is thru cragislist, cheap plane tickets around $150 or less that get me from one side of the country to another, an uncanny ability to meet people heading my way, hitchhiking (once I hitchhiked a plane ride from mIggs airfield) and in my early days fake Greyhound tickets. All of this is part of being a modern day nomad. I love to watch barriers come down and to trust and be trusted by total strangers as if we have known each other since we were kids. In fact I stay with supposed strangers more then I stay with my family and feel more comfortable doing so. I feel like Tyler Dirden without all the fighting or a sponsorship deal though I was once used in an STA travel ad in Austrulia wtihout my written consent.

My life is alot like my writing style all over the place but somehow it all connects even if you can't initally see it, but once you give it time you will realize that life is not something to plan it is something to experience. I am a bit of a straight edge beat trying to find a better sense of who I am in my travels and always seeking to step outside of my comfort zone and always make the best of all my situations and giving myself to the journey and being a modern day nomad. Healing/story telling/dancing/and freestyle rapping all over the country.

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sonny said...

thankyou for this. your life is very inspiring to me.

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