Friday, November 30, 2007

London Bridges Falling Down

I have noticed that Big Ben the Queen and a giant music festival have certainly got me exicted to go to England. I am in Eugene, ORegon and I am listening to NPR. Only if half of all Americans that are so isolated actually listened to this radio station. America's biggest problem is how people are so isolated from one another and can't be bothered to know anything that doesn't effect their pay check, Sports team, Sex life, or their vice of choice. We are over medicated because we are under educated. People that dictate our policy do not have personal motive in improving our public schools. They send their kids to private school and mention the importance of education and relatively offer very little money in the way of college scholarships relative to the amount of money we have to declare war on other countries and to declare war on drugs. Neither of those wats have been remotely successful.

I am not interested in a political career or in the nonsense in politics. I am interested in people and helping to alleviate their suffering. Most american tax dollars are spent of causing suffering instead of reliving and that will change soon, but we could certainly use foreign assistance. We to get more Americans out of the coutnry and have them travel abroad. We should start having more student exchange programs to expose young people to other ways of life. Americans aren't bad it is just that most of them are in the dark and isolated from themselves and the world at large. That is starting to change. Musical festivals and other events such as Burning Man are making it easier for people to let down their walls and allow new experiences and people into their life. I thank all the British people that have let me into their life.

love always,
President Te'DeVan

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