Saturday, December 01, 2007

IT's Not About Me It's about You

One of my best friends Cynthia is always telling me "It's not about you" in regards to almost everything we speak of it is her personal mantra through life and one that I have adopted as well. It is also a driving force behind our presidential campaigh. You the person reading this are part of the infinite cabinet your thoughts, feeelings, and actions is exactly what is directing our campaign. We are here to represent the often maligned and ignored masses of Americans that are left out of the poltical process. We are here to bring about a change but each one of us has to do that in the way that we are most capable. We all contribute to a entire new world in every little action that we take. Just because we stumble does not mean that we should not attempt to find our balance. Each day find ways to explore yourself and be the best that you can while being thankful for all the amazing things that have been made available to you. In this culture we have so many things at our fingertips. I am doing my best to connect with myself in a way that can only be hinted at in words.

Each day I find new ways to express myself and new people that I connect to that help me to better understand myself and the world around me. I do my best to go into the experience without being judgmental or feeling superior or inferior. I am here to be a witness and to tbe peace inside of the storm. There will be storms ahead be there will also be magic that makes us wonder what else is possible. I go online and find myself rides all over the country and places to stay and people to show me around. GIve yourself to the journey and the journey will give itself to you. Surrender trying to control all the circumstances and just go with what is available right now. Open yourself up to a complete stranger and trust someone that you just met merely because you get a good feeling about them without knowing anything else.

BEfore we can take a leap of faith it is necessary that we take skips of faith. Look at your fears and then work towards releasing them so that they don't have control over you. Fear binds us and love is what makes us free because love puts us in the moment.

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