Tuesday, December 25, 2007

THis Is For You I Know you Will Read This

On occassion I use my blog to write a personal message to someone and this is one of those times. OKay so here goes often there are things we want to express towards someone and we don't say them because we are scared how they might react or how we might react. There seem to be moments that get away as if we could somehow turn back the clock and make a different choice, but we can't and there is a part of us that so desperately wants to know what would have happened and what would things be like now. Yet all of us are exactly where we are supposed to be and the choices that we have are in this moment and there is nothing that is done that doesn't have a chance to be undone be it this life or the next. Though I am personally in favor of getting it done in this life. When I met you my guard was up and so was yours in our different ways, but enough of our true essence poured through that it never disappeared.

I don't by any means have a history of monogamy and I never have been against it I just have not an opportunity to be in that situation with someone and being a nomad well it is not exactly easy. I was willing once to curb my roaming feet and though now does appear to be the right time when that does come I will curb my roaming feet. I do my best to allow my heart to guide more then any other force in this world. You have a beautiful pull on my heart and even from a long distance I feel extremely close to you. Thank you so much for everything that you have allowed yourself to channel and the healing space you have allowed yourself to hold for me. I have already felt influence my choices that I am making. People are what make me want to be somewhere more then geography it is certain people that have a pull on me and these people are the open ones those who are willing to take fools leap and if you ever decide to take one ..................... I know that you would teach me alot and you already just by being you.

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