Thursday, December 06, 2007

Fighting Off The Ropes

Just when you think that you have fully pulled yourself out of it there is that thing nipping at your heel that wants to pull you back into your suffering. This is when you have to fight almost like your shadow boxing those inivisible problems that have plagued you. You have made it this far you can't quit. This is when you see what you are truly made of and go beyond your mind and body to that source that is greater then all of the suffering you have ever known. Anything could have triggererd this stumbling in your life and you might be saddened by it, but you can not and absolutely will not let it keep you down. You won't stay down even if the whole entire world thinks your crazy for getting back up. Maybe you should have done certain things differently, but you can rectify all your mistakes in this moment and steer yourself back on track with a will that can raise the dead. Everyone thought that you could be counted out especially those little doubts in your head, but you overcame all of it so that you found a strength. There is no reason to pretend the need to lean on others when you are strong. We are going back to the source and we will fight our way off the ropes and bring ourselves back to our own center. We always know what we should be doing we must merely have the courage to follow it and not back down. Be brave and don't be deterred by obstacles if anything be inspired so that you can find that reserve of strength that will guide you thru lifes more challenging moments and you will be able to help others do the same all because you refused to quit and kept going when giving up seemed easier. But giving up hurts more then to keep going.

This life is going a whole bunch of extra rounds and each one will be a cosmic movement that we are fated to align ourselves with. No longer am I over anxious and by fate I have found my destiny which is to merge with me true self and no longer feel any sense of separation. The one typing this and reading this are one and the same in a way that transcends 6 or 4 degrees of separation there are actually no degrees. Your victory is everyone's victory.

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one l said...

i always thought that inspired was something that happened to you: something inspired me. but inspired is something that comes from inside of you.

inside you
yes, and all around.

to say i was inspired
like it's coming from somewhere else

i was inspired by a tree
i was inspired by a book

but the sentence does not, in fact, leave anything ambigious.


like it's a state of mind.
like all i had to do was choose to be.

so i choose to be inspired. in this moment. by anything and everything that happens to be

right now.

and forget about every time in the past that i was not able to be. because

right now

it all inspires me. because i am inspired.

and as long as i am inspired i am strong. because this inspiration inspires me and inspires me and inspires me and i know that just like this i will always endure. and to be strong is to survive. your survival is incredible - you inspire me. and so on. and so on.

and so on.

because it's all happening to me. read you. me. you. me.

and so on.

and it's never this body.
that soul.

it's even bigger than that.

our muse.

holy inspiration.

inside and all around.

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