Wednesday, December 19, 2007

STA Travel Still Owes Me and Now They Confess

Years ago without my written consent STA travel used me in an ad campaign to get Australians to come to NYC. After looking into the matter on my own they sent me a $250 travel voucher as hush money claiming this was somehow a fair amount. For those who have ever tried to buy a ticket to Australia you know that $300 ain't going to get you there. They used me to get thousands of people to come to New York I think that at the very least they owe me a round trip plane ticket to Australia. If anyone who reads my blog in Australia would pass this on it would be greatly appreciated. You can't keep a tall jew down and I was destined to come to the land down under. Help me get to Australia by having STA travel do the right thing. If anyone knows any good lawyers let me know. Below is the enclosed confession and I hardly feel that should suffice. Exploiting freestyle 6 foot 7 inch freestyle rapping jews STA travel shame on you shame on you. Besides we are endangered species.

We no longer use your image with any promotional material. It was used a few years ago, however, I can guarantee it is no longer distributed in Australia so you can rest easy. Unfortunately, you won’t be receiving any ticket from us, the travel voucher from our US Division will have to suffice

All the best

Basil Hyman

Marketing Director AU & NZ

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