Friday, December 21, 2007

Shake it Up or Shut it Down.

Walk with a little swagger don't be afraid to be a little extra bold. We all have a part in this play and our part is not always meant to be in the background. Sometimes the scene is set and your the one who has to instigate the change. You have to rock the cradle of the mundane. Your energy has a way of opening up eyes when they have been sleeping. People forgot that they are having an experience that they can affect with their choices and they become aware of this when you shake it up. It doesn't take much to start a fire especially when the wood is so dry and the rain just doesn't seem to be coming down.

For some people you are always shaking it up and it is important for you to step back and take a rest and enjoy the sky and the mountains,lakes, rivers, and oceans. You need to relax and breathe with your entire being and feel yourself let go of all your tension. Feel yourself from the inside out and just allow your mind to shut down and to give it a rest and feel yourself floating on clouds. I can feel you relaxing now as you read this and the world will relax around you.

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