Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Finding your Peace

There is no one way to find the peace that exists inside of us. It is something that is also found in nature out at a quiet lake or in the ocean. It is something that is honest and lets us know if we are where we want to be. All of us are explorers, but some of us choose to go inwardly more frequently and those people have a certain calm that resonates in every environment that they step foot into. Finding your peace helps to hone your instincts and take you to deeper levels of understanding that contribute to your understanding of life. Breaking attachments is a very liberating thing, but can also be somewhat nerve wrecking for your mind. All of us can be free if we allow it to take place. It is our most natural state, but we ave to deprogram to return to our most natural state. Natural people are considered to be a bit of an oddity in today's society. We are reaching new heights inside of ourselves and your spiritual progress helps everyone else with their progress. I believe that we all form one collective organism or consciousness and that in an improvement by any one part makes it easier for the whole organism to expand. All of us expand in this very moment if we are open to that expansion and that growth.

I can feel myself still resist to some extent and recoil at amazing opportunities and run towards situations that cause me some degree of suffering. The more stable our inner peace becomes the better the choices we make throughout the day.Breathe deep breathe deep again and until you feel a level of calm and htne keep going. Feel your stomach expand and oontract feel your mind release your fears and inhibitions. Breathe deep and keep letting it become deeper. Life is all about timing, but we have trust that timing and believe in the process otherwise we won't take all the steps necessar to achieve a successful outcome.

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