Friday, December 14, 2007

What changes in time Never actually changes

I remember inside of everyone is a rebel yell as Billy Idol would say. Sometimes I am calm so calm that it is quite unnerving and I literally have nothing to say because I feel that my eyes say so much more then my words. But the minds is such a chatter box and a good ten seconds of pure silence in a conversation will undo most people. The year is coming to a close assuming you live by the western calendar. Just as I was getting used to writing 2007 I have to get myself ready to write 2008. I have had more close encounters or reminders that this world comes to an end in the same way that waking up from a dream comes to an end. Leaving is only sad to those left behind a feeling of liberation is what most near death experiences describe. I am phantom a grey ghost if you will walking on the ceiling where I can be found dancing to Billy Idol's rebel yell. I want people to give me something that only God can give this is why I am seeker. Praise is great but it never does that trick and I never feel the peace that I do when I hit those moments where I see the world as a passing dream that kisses my face. Sometimes I feel like God says "Hey do you like the new script change or the return of this person from earlier in your life". I lvove to misspell things and just let it sit as it si be cause you understand it all anyway dont you? The 80's 90's and this era are all just one and time is a line that we come in and out of....

I am your mother brother father second cousin twice removed and I know that if I was pig I would just like to be left alone and not be cooked as bacon unless of course you had nothing else to eat. I am elephant mascrading as a donkey who can't spell to save his identity as a college grad. I stil laugh at the fact that I graduated college because I swear it happened to someone us and one day I iwill sell that diploma on e-bay without my parents knowledge. I will cut them on half they bought it and I got the grades to get it. SOrt of a team effort for something that meant nothing to me which means it must mean everything to someone else. REcently someone mentioned the idea of going to the Olympics. I fall in love, but I never fall out I just develop more of a sense of what I really want. Self inflicted torture was so 15 minutes ago along with my Nickelback fame.

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