Monday, December 17, 2007

Take Me Back

Forgive me don't forget me and throw me back out on the road. I am nomad and it winds and I walk and if I am stop walking then I might forget. I can't forget because I can never be truly content in not remembering. All of you came to me when I needed to you and I hope that I can do the same for you. I am here in California which is a country onto itself. I was born in a big apple and grew up in the garden state. I love a clean beach wherever I can throw myself into to recharge myself. Cut the embilical chord and I have been in alot of strange places and found familiar faces. I knew that it would always come to this moment where the past blurs to the point that it never happened. All I have is this moment and the music in my head telling me story and giving me hope when the greatest tragedy is forgetting that homes is buried deep inside of all of us we just cover it up with different masks.

If I could fully get of the mind that I would walk through walls and walk on water. Something to do with the electromagnetic field. I am a walking gray ghost chasing a sunrise in a land that seems forgotten and I am trying to get a voucher from an angel to bring forth a miracle to make me question everything and start back at nothing and be content to have everything.

No holds on me I can float and fly to a new height and there is always a hand to reach towards me if I can let go. It is all passing through and Thailand, Hawaii, China, etc.... these are just some of the places that have been nipping at my heals. I have a journey and in most respects it is just begun. I must look towards the moment I ma in for my peace of mind not towards tomorrow or yesterday. We cross all paths for various reasons most of which only make sense in hindsight.

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one l said...

i have some inside information about electromagnetic machines that have been known to cure or improve cancer. they are about to break forth, soul friend. and it is up to us to take it to the next level. i will keep you posted as the journey progresses. i am excited. next stop: standing somewhere over the ocean.

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