Friday, December 14, 2007

The City that Never Sleeps Certainly takes Naps

I still remember walking around New York on cold nights throwing myself into the city because nothing else seemed to make any sense and in everything about the place that didn't make sense I found myself more and more. In the parks is where I would often make my mark along with walking by a resturant sticking my signs up to the windows to make people laugh, stare and sometimes feel squeamish and sometimes wonder who the hell is that guy. I have been a guy in the background for so many people in the same way that NYC is the background for great stories that lead to other places. Can you hear that jazz in my words. I have stumbled awfully in that city and kissed ladies and tramps and all that in between and falling thru the seams and i have been a seamstress in my own way. The big apple but it is your core and your downtown that I am most drawn to and just being a little Zen in city overcome with angst and pain and a desire to get ahead of something that will get you if you don't stay ahead of it.

For a moment you roll into the next city with me and other New Yorkers find me wherever I go often with a bit of shock as if the statue of liberty were suddenly relocated as well. How does he do it they wonder? How does this seemingly crazy man get around. Three times three is nine and one day someone might think that meant something but for the life of me I can't tell you what all these things mean. I just kind of roll with it. Sometimes my feet and I just keep walking until the pain goes away because I walk miles an miles and miles and then I think of mIles Davis and then I am here wherever here is and just accept that I can't tell you half of what I feel until you decide that you want to feel it to otherwise it sounds like a farce.

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Stargazer said...

Hm...not sure if that's deep or not

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