Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I have A Sign And Comes With Me Everywhere

So I have a sign and on two sides it briefly gives my story and tells more about me then any other item that I may have. It reflects my tongue and cheek attitude towards fame and how fame is viewed as being credible especially when the masses already doubt that such things might exist. Then on the other side is the Rapper the word slinger here to entertain and ease your troubles in a less unnerving way. The rapper is quite talkative and he has a booming voice and on that part of the sign many meaningful places that I have been are written. Places that have played a significant role on my journey as a spiritual seeker who sporadically moonlights as an entertainer because sometimes you have to give the people what they want so they will want what you have to give. There are at least 50 ways to leave your lover and a million and one ways to sneak up on people when they are not looking and most people are distracted so often that they are never really paying attention to what is happening that hasn't fully transpired in a way that Time Magazine has written about it. Yet Time always seems slightly behind the moment because the moment is Prophet lost in the business world lost in the entertainment industry lost in politics lost in a day that may never come and forgetting to embrace the day that is here. It only takes one person to tip the entire scale. It all takes one for a revolution to manifest it only takes one who allows themselves to see beyond the facade placed before us.

Chase me chase me push me pull me push me pull me and I might just come, but I am always coming to a greater understanding of a inner feeling that means never being lost and means always being home because there is a home that we have lost sight of and this will all end so quickly for a new beginning to take place. Each person helped me to wake up to both the dark and light sides of myself. I very drawn to being the Buddha just being and allowing life to go up and down and I always be. Up down rise and crash and yet I always be in my body out of my body I always be. There are sounds that some people can not hear and there are things that until your gaze is faultless would sound like fiction.

The Native American is returning though he takes on different forms and the stage is changing while the current has been pulled down. New actors are going to be moving towards the front of the stage. Yet the most powerful ones will usually remain off stage effecting things in ways that we sense but can't quite explain. There are many things about our lives that we would have a hard time trying to explain to ourselves or anyone else whom we may encounter.

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